The writer commenced employment at Brush Electrical Machines (Hawker Siddeley) where he was employed within the Industrial Engineering Department, holding the post of Chief Industrial Engineer for several years prior to moving into the Service and Repair of Electric Motors and Generators with General Electric of America (DMR). The Company was purchased by the Lewis Electric Group in 1986 and the writer was appointed to the Board of Lewis DMR as Technical Director in 1988.

Experience and Knowledge has been gained in the Industrial Manufacturing and Service Industry over a period of 25 years.

This Knowledge and Experience is offered in the form of a Consultancy, or Interim Management service founded in July 1991. Work can be undertaken in the following areas.

MANAGEMENT CONTROL SYSTEMS: Design, installation, audit and management of Management Systems to ISO 9001, 14001 & 27001. Cost effectively achieved through supporting your staff through the development, installation and assessment stages, including selection of Auditing Body. Manufacturing & Service based Industries have been covered, including training organisations.

COMPUTING: The development and management of Data Base Application Software. Work carried out within the service, pharmaceutical and engineering industries.

MANUFACTURING: All aspects of Manufacture (Machining, Fabrication and Assembly) including investigation, specification and purchase of both low and high technology plant and equipment.
Reviews of manufacturing facilities.
Cost analysis of Production Methods for efficient manufacture.
Value analysis.

SERVICE INDUSTRY: Customer satisfaction through service.
Administration Systems to meet the needs of the Customer.

Spiritual Disciplines in Management.

Handling press releases, technical articles, technical journal advertising and organizing Exhibition stands including the production of graphics.

In general, this service has been applied to companies where the writer has taken on a direct part time management role within the company. The level of activity being dependent on the needs of the business at that time.